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Wonders in the Garden


...a 3-book set of children’s books that include What Grows in the Garden?, What Lives in the Garden?, andWhat Do You Sense in the Garden? written by Anne Mottola, illustrated by Maria Mottola and published by the NYBG Press.

Each book explores the spirit of gardening by featuring children in a community garden setting either in school, their community, or their home neighborhood. According to the author and illustrator, “Our hope is that each book will instill a love of gardening in children who read them and inspire them to be caretakers of the environment.”


Each book is beautifully illustrated with full-color illustrations intended for children ages four to eight and older.

The set will make a great birthday or holiday gift for your future gardener or botanist!

What Grows in the Garden?
From broccoli to tomatoes, this book offers an engaging story of 12 different types of vegetables started from either seeds, transplants, or bulbs.  Children learn where vegetables are grown.  But do they know how they grow and what part of the plant is edible?
2017 | hc | 48 pp. | 4 color

What Lives in the Garden?
Do you know there are animals that help to make healthy soil and plants?  There are many types of animals that make their home in the garden.  Learn what these animals are and what they do to help make our gardens beautiful.
2017 | hc | 40 pp. | 4 color

What Do You Sense in the Garden?
Have you taken a bite out of a fresh vegetable picked right off the vine? What Do You Sense in the Garden? explores the use of all five of our senses while either working or playing in the garden.
2017 | hc | 24 pp. | 4 color

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